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Hello everyone !!
Today i exactly get to know what the newton’s  third law exactly mean, Which states that for every action there is equal and  opposite reaction. I know you all might be thinking  why i am relating this to yoga. Let us understand this in simple …
FOR EVERY ACTION – doing yoga
THERE IS EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION – equally will loose of  weight
By doing these 5 yoga on a regular basis helped me in loosing  4kg in month. In which i didn’t followed any strict diet plan at all. Yoga  also help me in maintaining my body structure. Doing yoga on regular basis also improves and show our lifestyle too.
The duration of doing these yoga for beginners in there first week is 30-35 mins. 
With every sets 10×3 there should be increase in nos.
Like :  10×1
You can also increase the number of sets upto your limits  
You can even enjoy some lemonade to boost up your energy :
Some yoga benefits from my personal experience are: 
  • Keep happy and active whole day
  • Help in maintaining body posture
  •  Slow the negativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve the standard of living

Hope you like it and i assure you it works

For any query most welcome..


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  • Unknown

    August 31, 2019

    exaclty i was doing yoga from last few months and get good result

  • Rupal gupta

    August 31, 2019

    It's great


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