Some natural ways to give your hair a detox

Some natural ways to give your hair a detox
Just like the body and its internal systems, the also hair needs a break and a detox from time to time. When we expose it to too much dirt, pollution, sunlight and dust, the hair starts to lose its natural shine. And all the chemical products that you add to the scalp to get rid of the grime, only ends up worsening its quality. This is why mothers and grandmothers always insist on using homemade, natural remedies for hair care. And, if you are looking for ways to give your hair a new lease of life, here are some simple DIY detoxes that you ought to know about. Read on.
Honey shampoo:-
OHH Yeah, you read that right.
·     one tablespoon of raw honey
·     three tablespoons of filtered water
·     a little bit of an essential oil of your choice.
Procedure: –
Begin by adding the honey to the water and then mix them well. Then, on your wet hair and scalp, apply the mixture and add the essential oil, too. Massage well and concentrate more on the scalp. Once you are done, rinse your hair off with cold or lukewarm water.
Honey is considered to be great for the hair, the skin and the overall health. While the transition may be a little weird in the beginning, from your regular shampoo to honey shampoo, you will notice that the difference is positive and pretty clear, too.
Cucumber and lemon:-

Yes, they are edible foods that are mostly consumed as salads, but can also be considered for a quick and a natural hair clean-up. In summers, every Indian kitchen will stock up on both cucumbers and lemons.
  • one large lemon 
  • a medium sized cucumber
  • essential oil of your choice
 Peel both the lemon and the cucumber, and then cut them into small pieces. Add the essential oils to them and make a mixture. If you want to make a paste you can, provided the consistency is even, like your regular shampoo. Apply it on the scalp and rinse well after a few minutes. It will help you get rid of the scalp dirt, stickiness and greasiness. It also promises to promote healthy hair growth, and remove dandruff.
You can use it as often as you would use your regular shampoo.


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