Life changing hacks for skin, body and overall personality


Hii loves,

I am back with my another post. Making your life beautiful, easy and healthy all depends on you. Having a right direction to your life is must. So, here are some tips which will surely help you out. Let’s hold hands together and follow these tips.

1.        #Wake up early:



I know it is very difficult to wake up early in morning, but once you do it, will automatically become your habit or you can be a bit selfish with your body. Have 1 to 2 glass of water before sleep, then see the result your washroom will be calling you loudly. hahaha!! It seems quite fussy na but guys it works. try once and share your experience in comment box.
2.   #Exercise regularly:
Be loyal to yourself. Do Exercise on daily basis either for 15 minutes or for half an hour but do it regularly. Giving your body mobility is must either by running, swimming, gyming etc. By doing this it helps in blood circulation and prevent you from being aged soon.


 3.#Say “No” to sugar:


Sugar is good for nothing; it just harm your body. So, say a big NO to sugar. If your tongue demand for sweets, don’t disappoint it serve some seasonal fruits.But serving  Excess fruits are also not good for our body as it contains natural sugar. So you can have 4 to 5 fruits in a day (400g fruits).
4. #Never sleep with your makeup on:
Before sleep wash your face and apply moisture cream, whether you have applied make up or not cleaning your face is necessary. As It keeps the skin supple and blooming.  
5. #sunscreen is “MUST”:
Whether you are out or not applying sunscreen is #must. If you think, today I’m at home why to apply cream? let’s leave. But guys, this is the BIGGEST mistakes we are doing to ourselves because in this scorching weather anyhow sun rays enter to our house and affect our skin.SO Keep your skin from being allergy.

 That’s all for the day, now all depends on you how to improve your personality because you are the one to hold your accountability so don’t cheat yourself or apply any shortcuts.Now get yourself up and make each coming day a great day.
 I Hope you guys enjoyed this post
 love you all!!!
 until next post

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