Hotstar – tricks to get free subscription

Hiii loves!!

Welcome back to my page. Today with alot of struggle i found a trick to get free subscription for hotstar and finally this trick is succeeded. Now you can also enjoy hotstar for free free. 
1) Uninstall your Hostar and Install This version( 
2) Start Express Vpn and connect Usa
3) Now Open Hotstar It Will Take You To Usa Subscription.
SUBSCRIBE TO 99.99$ PLAN(1 Year)
4) Fill In the Info like Name And Email
5) Credit Card number* And Pay.(to get credit card no. Dm me at 
6) Click On Start Watching.
7) Don’t disconnect Vpn Now Open Any V.I.P SERIES And Play For 10 Secs
8) Now keep hotstar running and disconnect the vpn
9) Clear hotstar from recents
10) Now launch hotstar it will ask for location deny and after 2-3 launch it will also ask u to choose language choose hindi and english.
11) Now when u click on any premium series there will be a white box loading (it won’t load) Don’t panic
12)Now change you mobile system date to 2 days further and boom you got your Premium 😉
Important Notes:
1] Don’t update your hotstar app till the a/c gets activated
2] Disable auto update in Playstore.
3] Dont logout or uninstall hotstar bcos u will loose your a/c and it won’t work again.


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    August 5, 2019

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    August 5, 2019

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