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Getting hair spa from saloon cost very high,so from now no worries about I will tell you how to get spa at home without must cost.
Steps: –
1.    Take warm 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 olive oil mix them genitally and apply into your scalp from roots to end and massage for 5-6 minutes.


2.    Now, take medium size towel and dip into warm water and squeeze the excess water out and wrap around your hair for 15 minutes.
3.    Now, wash your hair with shampoo (I prefer to use Tresemme shampoo, which is an amazing product. Rest all your choice, it is not mandatory ) and wash your hair with cold water as hot water is not good for hair root.
4.    After washing your hair, apply conditioner for minimum 2 to 5 minute  maximum, more than that can damage your hair.
5.    Lastly, the most important step is hair mask. Have 2 drop of natural aloe Vera gel plus 2 drop hair serum (levon,any),mix together and apply on your hair. This step will keep you hair silky and shiny.


 Leave the mask for 20 min. and rinse with shampoo again.
Finally, your hair spa therapy is completed.
Do this process once a week. Hope you have 1 hour in a week for yourself. You will realize the results automatically.
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