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Lodhi colony – the artistic wall (place 2)








Hii everyone ! 
Welcome back to my post. Also, i thanks alot to each and everyone for showing your love to my work 🙏. 
Now, this is my 2nd place in lodhi colony which is known for art gallery wall.this place is India’s first art district public  place. A new birth to swachh bharat mission. Salute to each  artists for spreading color of happiness. Also this place is best to get perfect pictures, video and much more .  
Thank you once again for reading the post  till here 🙏! Hope you like it. If yes!! Show some love by commenting below 👇
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Lodhi colony – the artistic wall (place 1)



Hola everyone!!

Again a big hand fold to everyone for late upcoming. This time i came up to know you about the beauty of life.

The beauty has no boundaries in this picture, Such a scenic view, looks great ,  I work day in & day out to not just show everyone the best parts of me, but the worst too. I make it my mission that everyone who watches me knows that nothing worth having comes easy. I’ve actively chosen to not hide my short comings from the world – it’s important for me that they know they’re not alone in their heartbreaks & their failures.
Hope you all like the post!!


Stay tune for my next post

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