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Chill pill in Rishikesh after lockdown

Hola folks!

I am back with another exciting travel blog + vlog. here is the link of my channel Rupsiana.

The world is big
                                                        and I want to have a good look at it
                                                                                before it gets dark.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit, the thought of even witnessing the most breathtaking sights from a mountain amazes me whenever I think about it. Mountains gives me immense joy and pleasure. When the sun strikes the cold chilled summit, a beauty which is immeasurable is seen and a feeling of joy happens to take place before my sight.

I being a travel person, would like to take you to the authentic and spiritual city ‘Rishikesh’. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and holy rivers in its bank.

The beauty of Rishikesh


Rishikesh is known as one of the most magical cities in India. It is considered as a centre for practising/studying yoga and meditation. So, if you are a nature lover or wanted to spare some time with yourself after tackling with all the chaos of life and surroundings. I would suggest you to once visit this magical land.

As the place of worship, the divine soul indeed, all happens to create such a positive vibe around yourself that one could not individually think about the unwanted chaos that leads to obliterate mind. The environment itself bounds oneself to attain peace and through meditation, One feels like as if he/she has reached the 7TH sky. Visiting Rishikesh and exploring the culture over there helped me in creating control of my mind and attain salvation. agh! there is just so much to write about and I didn’t think I’d do it complete just in writing. so you will get more clarity when you see the video.


I would rather insist on my fellow mates spare some time of yours and visit Rishikesh. Besides, the beauty and holy eye witnessing moments, we had a wonderful tent campaigning over there. What else would be better after dealing with such heavy obstacles and then able to visit the glory of the magical land meditating and enjoying ourselves?

Besides that, to know the package of the tour and get the discount .feel free to to contact

The overall activities that we have performed over there are:-

  1. Yoga
  2. Trekking
  3. River Rafting and Apart from that we were overwhelmed to enjoy the barbeque sitting around the bonfire at our aqua forest camp.

Our tour package had an eco-friendly and sanitized environment.

Rules and regulations:-

Only 4-5 persons are allowed to raft in a single boat due to covid. So, there are proper and strict rules followed during the pandemic. One should carry covid E-pass (Government of Uttarakhand)

Last but not the least, I would like to mention that no matter how much difficulties we are facing through, our dignity and strength shall never be harmed. Raising through difficult times and indulging oneself to yoga and meditations can boost mental health and attain peace within oneself.

So, If you are tired of lockdown and wants to visit the spiritual place, Rishikesh is completely justified and best place even according to me. So, make a plan, pack your bags and move along the pathway. Will come up with exciting new adventures and experiences. Till then stay safe and stay healthy.

The blog is written by; DURBA PAUL



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