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Best Read of 2020 From My Library

  1.  You can,  you will. It’s your choice   By:- Arfeen khan

One of the best inspirational book till now among all other books i read. This book  gives you a roadmap of what you need to do to achieve success and satisfaction in life. Moreover, this book has helped me in knowing the facts which I knew but was not believing. While Reading this book,  i was feeling as if Afreen khan sir is sitting infront of me and elaborating each and every situations of life in a practical way. I am sure that this book will improve your life to some extent.  All in all, an enjoyable book.



2 Rich dad poor dad :-by Robert T.kiyosaki


The book is about  the theory of personal investment . In which Rich Dad who spends and invests money in smart way; his outlook and methods makes him richer and richer. Whereas,
Poor dad is a typical middle class person who works very hard and believes in having a highly qualified digrees will only help in being rich . Though he earns well, but not smart on how he spends his money and invest in assets that don’t earn him much.

The story can help you get a different perspective on what could make a good asset and what is preventing you from becoming rich. So, it’s better to read it as soon as possible before it get too late.
Even you can read it from kindle app as well!!


3 Wish I Could Tell You :– Durjoy Datta

So, here is my another book. which i liked the most.Before describing about  the book, i would like to ask some questions first and do answer me in comment box . I will be reverting to everyone.
Have you loved someone and desperately wished you could tell them?Have you been happy and heartbroken at the same time to hear someone loved you?
So, With ‘ Wish I Could Tell You ‘ ,Durjoy Dutta picks a unique way  just like the  tree ,starting from different branches and finally all joining at a common stem providing a strong base to the story line.
The book tries to show how two characters Anusha and Ananth are struggling into creating their type of world
If I had to describe this book in One word ,I will say “wow” I mean this book is just amazing and will blow your mind. Anusha is working at , a fundraising website. If I talk about the characters :- Anusha is a feminist kind of a girl, who hates almost everyone due to past incidents of her life. She seems like she doesn’t have feelings for anyone. Gautam is a person who is spreading hate on social media and unknowingly destroyed lives of few people and hurt many of them. Mohini is a kind of a person you will love. Ananth is a good looking guy, full of love and life. And there are many more characters and things that I won’t discuss here because I don’t want to give you spoilers.
The beginning of the book is a bit confusing , bit as soon as the dots join ,story becomes interesting . There is suspense hidden in every page you read. Middle of the story took a turn that was quite shocking and unexpected that I had to take a pause to absorb the things. The plot of the story is amazing. It’s definitely worth reading. Ending of the story brought me into tears. This book has negativity too but that is also written in such a good way .The book is beautifully written and I must say Durjoy datta is turning into a better writer with every new book of his. I loved his work in this book. This book was something really unexpected. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!!
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