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Trip to Garhmukteshwar, Uttar Pradesh

Hii everyone !

Today, I went to garh ganga and while returning i was very disposed to share my experience with someone. Then I thought, why not to share with all you guys. So, basically Garh ganga ghat is located on the bank of river ganga at around 5-10km from Garhmukteshwar. The best time to visit ganga ghat is in kartik purnima beacuse on this day  Lord shiva killed the demon tripurasira. In this month around 3 lakh people visit here. It is also believed that  lightning lamps and donating things give results equivalent to tge results of ten yagyas. Also, This  place is something similar to varanasi.

Once you reach here, you will find flowing water as far as you can see, also boat rides and some mini food stalls.
After having snan you can change you clothes in these slums. Even you can have your food and shoppings  from the main market as their are plethora of stalls available.
After having snan, this traditional yumm 😋 food made my whole day wonderful.
Ugh!! Now I am feeling relax😪😪
Thank heap for reading.
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