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Hotstar – tricks to get free subscription

Hiii loves!!

Welcome back to my page. Today with alot of struggle i found a trick to get free subscription for hotstar and finally this trick is succeeded. Now you can also enjoy hotstar for free free. 
1) Uninstall your Hostar and Install This version( 
2) Start Express Vpn and connect Usa
3) Now Open Hotstar It Will Take You To Usa Subscription.
SUBSCRIBE TO 99.99$ PLAN(1 Year)
4) Fill In the Info like Name And Email
5) Credit Card number* And Pay.(to get credit card no. Dm me at 
6) Click On Start Watching.
7) Don’t disconnect Vpn Now Open Any V.I.P SERIES And Play For 10 Secs
8) Now keep hotstar running and disconnect the vpn
9) Clear hotstar from recents
10) Now launch hotstar it will ask for location deny and after 2-3 launch it will also ask u to choose language choose hindi and english.
11) Now when u click on any premium series there will be a white box loading (it won’t load) Don’t panic
12)Now change you mobile system date to 2 days further and boom you got your Premium 😉
Important Notes:
1] Don’t update your hotstar app till the a/c gets activated
2] Disable auto update in Playstore.
3] Dont logout or uninstall hotstar bcos u will loose your a/c and it won’t work again.

hair spa at home


Hii peeps!!!
Hope you are following my tips and I am very much impressed with your queries. Thank you so such for showing your interest to my page.
Getting hair spa from saloon cost very high,so from now no worries about I will tell you how to get spa at home without must cost.
Steps: –
1.    Take warm 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 olive oil mix them genitally and apply into your scalp from roots to end and massage for 5-6 minutes.


2.    Now, take medium size towel and dip into warm water and squeeze the excess water out and wrap around your hair for 15 minutes.
3.    Now, wash your hair with shampoo (I prefer to use Tresemme shampoo, which is an amazing product. Rest all your choice, it is not mandatory ) and wash your hair with cold water as hot water is not good for hair root.
4.    After washing your hair, apply conditioner for minimum 2 to 5 minute  maximum, more than that can damage your hair.
5.    Lastly, the most important step is hair mask. Have 2 drop of natural aloe Vera gel plus 2 drop hair serum (levon,any),mix together and apply on your hair. This step will keep you hair silky and shiny.


 Leave the mask for 20 min. and rinse with shampoo again.
Finally, your hair spa therapy is completed.
Do this process once a week. Hope you have 1 hour in a week for yourself. You will realize the results automatically.
Until next


Life changing hacks for skin, body and overall personality


Hii loves,

I am back with my another post. Making your life beautiful, easy and healthy all depends on you. Having a right direction to your life is must. So, here are some tips which will surely help you out. Let’s hold hands together and follow these tips.

1.        #Wake up early:



I know it is very difficult to wake up early in morning, but once you do it, will automatically become your habit or you can be a bit selfish with your body. Have 1 to 2 glass of water before sleep, then see the result your washroom will be calling you loudly. hahaha!! It seems quite fussy na but guys it works. try once and share your experience in comment box.
2.   #Exercise regularly:
Be loyal to yourself. Do Exercise on daily basis either for 15 minutes or for half an hour but do it regularly. Giving your body mobility is must either by running, swimming, gyming etc. By doing this it helps in blood circulation and prevent you from being aged soon.


 3.#Say “No” to sugar:


Sugar is good for nothing; it just harm your body. So, say a big NO to sugar. If your tongue demand for sweets, don’t disappoint it serve some seasonal fruits.But serving  Excess fruits are also not good for our body as it contains natural sugar. So you can have 4 to 5 fruits in a day (400g fruits).
4. #Never sleep with your makeup on:
Before sleep wash your face and apply moisture cream, whether you have applied make up or not cleaning your face is necessary. As It keeps the skin supple and blooming.  
5. #sunscreen is “MUST”:
Whether you are out or not applying sunscreen is #must. If you think, today I’m at home why to apply cream? let’s leave. But guys, this is the BIGGEST mistakes we are doing to ourselves because in this scorching weather anyhow sun rays enter to our house and affect our skin.SO Keep your skin from being allergy.

 That’s all for the day, now all depends on you how to improve your personality because you are the one to hold your accountability so don’t cheat yourself or apply any shortcuts.Now get yourself up and make each coming day a great day.
 I Hope you guys enjoyed this post
 love you all!!!
 until next post

Best summer lemonades


There’s no better way to beat the heat than good and so simple homemade lemonade.So here i bought Some homemade summer lemonade recipes.which will also help in weight loss.


 Fresh mint lemonade    
v  1cup fresh squeezed lemon juice ( 5-6 lemons)
v   ½ or ¾ cup sugar
v  1-2 cup crushed ice   
v  5 cup water
v4-5 mint leaves and ¼ inch thick lemon slice for garnish(washed)
Put all the ingredients in a blender except mint leaves and blend until completely smooth. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and lemon slice.
Serve the fresh mint lemonade for fresh mood.  
Raspberry lemonade
v   6 tablespoon lemon juice
v ½ cup raspberry
v 1 tablespoon sugar
v ¼inch thick sliced lemon
v  4-5 mint leaves
v  6-7 Ice cubes
How to prepare?
Put the raspberries in a blender with some lemon juice. To strain the seeds pass the mixture from ladle. Add sugar, remaining lemon juice and little water to raspberry mixture. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. According to your liking  add water in it, but remember the ice cubes will water it down so add accordingly.
Now In a jar Add ice on the top of it, then add a layer of sliced lemon and mint leaves for garnish.
Serve the raspberry lemonade for a change and enjoy it with movies which i have mentioned in my 1st post

Cucumber lemonade
v2 cucumbers ( peeled and sliced)
v½ cup water
v4 tablespoon lemon juice
3 tablespoon sugar
How to prepare? 
v  Wash well and peel cucumber, make few large slices and keep   aside for garnishing.  

v Chop cucumber (if too many seeds remove seeds), add 2 cups of water in blender with cucumber pieces, sugar.

v Blend for 3-4 minutes or until sugar dissolves.

v Add salt, lemon juice, ice cubes and stir well to combine.

 Carry this jar with you while work and have a sip to feel relax. 


Must watch these movies

The dark Knight :
From my personal opinion this movie inspired me alot. As this movie tell us about to be right in every situation, whether any wrong thing is happening with us but always be right at your place.

In the very first scene of the series premiere, “Forest,” we see Erik Heller (Altered Carbon’s Joel Kinnaman) break into a shady government facility housing countless babies. He then risks his life to break a single baby — the one who will grow up to be the eponymous Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) — out of the building.

The conjuring 2:
The Conjuring 2 is about as ambitious as mainstream horror film get. In addition to the traditional scares, it touches on an iconic case like Amityville, has several characters going through trials both related, and not, to the central demon, plus there’s media coverage of the events, themes of family and lots more.
A quite place:
In the modern horror thriller A QUIET PLACE, a family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you.



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